ZeroB AutoSoft Water Softener has robust and reliable 6 Stage fully automatic valve

  1. Softening cycle
  2. Backwash cycle
  3. Brine injection cycle
  4. Slow rinse
  5. Fast rinse
  6. Fill Cycle

Six Stages of Softening Process

  1. Softening cycle converts hard water to soft water
  2. Backwash cycle cleans the softenizer media completed by removing mud and debris that comes from inlet water during service
  3. In the Brine injection cycle the softenizer will be recharged with common salt
  4. A slow rinse ensure efficient charging of softening media
  5. Fast rinse cycle ensure that the softenizer is cleared of all salts and set for softening once again
  6. Fill cycle fills water in brine water to prepare brine for next recharge

AutoSoft Recharge Time

  • AS1 - The recharge time is around approx 42mins
  • AS2 - The recharge time is around approx 74Mins

Water Softener Inside view 

AutoSoft Features

  1. Space Saving Design
    • Compact design
    • The softener vessel and salt tank are in a single cabinet
    • The automatic softener equipment complements well with the existing plumbing and electric setup of the user
  2. Assures Complete Safety
    • AutoSoft Home comes with distinctive Purple Resin media
    • The resin media is specifically purple colored to classify it as a genuine food grade resin
    • The ZR NaF resin is a softener resin meant for drinking water application as it does not leach out harmful elements in water
  3. Unique Display
    • The display screen communicate the status of the softenizer
    • Service process stages are indicated with appropriate icons
    • Limited user keys for easy handling

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