In a country like India water purification is not a simple privilege afforded to a certain strata, rather quality water purification is a need for the entire population. Today, Reverse Osmosis system or RO technology is one of the most commonly heard of procedures employed for water purification.  It disinfects tap water by filtering microbial particles, chemical contaminants and excessive salts.

However, this method is not a 100% effective owing to the large amount of water wastage that it produces. The RO membrane recovers good water to the extent of maximum 30%, remaining 70% constituting contaminants like excessive salts, microbes and colloidal particles is rejected down the drain. Experts recommend a good RO purifier’s recovery to be only about 15-20% of purified water from a single membrane. If the recovery rate is higher, usually the pollutants such as salts, microbes and chemicals choke the membrane.

To counteract this problematic nature of the water management in RO purification systems, ZeroB employs a cutting edge and innovative technology known as High Recovery RO or HRR process. This patented method involves the use of WSC or Water Saver Cartridge which releases ingredients that continuously sweep away the salts, kill the microbes and hence allows the process to be operated at high recovery levels.

Purifiers with This technology as compared to other conventional RO purifiers HRR one can recover up to 70% purified water and save more than 80% from a single membrane. It gives high shelf life to product water. HRR is certified by an NABL accredited lab for chemical contaminant removal, pesticide removal, bacteria, virus removal, shelf life of product water, and for HRR claims.

Higher Recovery Rate (HRR) technology gives 3 times higher recovery (up to 70%) compared to other conventional RO purifiers. HRR is international breakthrough in domestic RO purification technology, which reduces water wastage by 80%. 
It is eco-friendly technology since it reduces water wastage by 80%. 

ZeroB applies this technology to several product lines such as water purifiers, water coolers to provide you and your loved ones with all round protection.