Water Contaminated with Giardia Parasite

How to know if water is contaminated with parasites?
Can we identify if our water is contaminated with Giardia?
How bad is the Giardia parasite?
What are some diseases caused due to giardia parasite?
Does Giardia affect the immune system?

Giardia is a microscopic parasites that can be present in your drinking water.

Giardia causes an intestinal illness called giardiasis or “beaver fever”, while Cryptosporidium is a similar type of parasite that causes cryptosporidiosis.

Both parasites, but particularly cryptosporidium, can pose a more serious threat to people with weaker immune system, such as those living with cancer, or transplant patients receiving immunosuppressive drugs. For these people, the symptoms are more severe and can be life threatening.

Hence, it becomes mandatory for you to check your water supply for the kind of contaminants present in it. To make the drinking water free of these pathogens, you need to install a water purifier which can get rid of microbial impurities. Zero B ECO RO will be one such purifier which can remove physical, chemical and biological impurities present in water. Learn more about the ZeroB ECO RO.