Safe Drinking Water

Is the water at your home safe?
Is drinking water safe for children?
How safe is drinking water for kids?
How are gastrointestinal diseases caused?
How to ensure water is safe for drinking?

For most people living in metropolitan areas in India, the primary source of drinking water is the Tanker Water. The tankers are primarily fed with water from private wells. These private wells are not at all regulated and hence the safety of this water may be compromised due to some of the following reasons:

– Where the well is located
– How well it is being maintained
– Quality of the aquifer supplying the well
– Environmental conditions in the close proximity of the well

Hence the well water needs to be treated before being completely safe and fit for consumption.

Apart from contamination of water at the source, the tap water can also get contaminated due to leakages in the pipeline.

The lead used in manuufacturing of these pipes contaminates the water passing through it.

How this contaminated water effects you and your children’s health depends upon the type and concenntration of contaminants present in water.

Here are some of the contaminants that are generally found in tap and well water and their affect on the children:

1. Cryptosporidium, a pathogen that can at times cause fatal gastrointestinal disease.

2. Nitrates can contaminate water and pose a great threat to infants and small children. The nitrates get converted into nitrites that prevent blood from transporting oxygen. This affects the infants and small chldren more as older children develops an enzyme in their system that helps restore blood’s ability to carry oxygen.

3. Thirdly the presence of Lead in water can cause both physical and mental developmental problems in infants and children. Adults who have been drinking lead-tainted water for a number of years can experience kidney problems and high blood pressure.

So we need to ensure that the water that is being drank at home is free from these contaminants.

Now the question is how do we ensure this?

How to ensure water is safe for drinking? Now the question is how do we ensure this?
Boiling of water can only take care of some types of pathogens present in water but the water will still be unsafe for drinking as the contaminants like lead, nitrates, and pesticides do not get eliminated in the course of boiling. On the contrary boiling reduces the volume of water and increases the concentration of those contaminants rendering the water more unsafe.

So the only effective way of making the water free from contaminats is by using an advanced water purifier – A water purifier that can remove physical, chemical, biological impurities and also the salts of heavy metals and make it safe and fit for your family.

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