Is RO water acidic?
Is RO water not good for health?
Is acidic water harmful?
Do all RO purifiers have pre filters?
What serious ailments are caused due to acidic water?

Some people are of the opinion that Water from an RO Water Purifier is Acidic and hence unsafe and not good for health. This is not correct. Water from an RO water purifier is the best water to drink.

The fact is, though carbonic acid gets generated to some extent in the initial stages of purification, the special cartridges, containing alkali chemicals. that are used in the later stages of purification in an RO Purifier helps in removing all traces acid from water.

Moreover, its important to note here that the Carbonic Acid that gets generated during the RO purification process is the same as the one that is present in aerated drinks we consume but in far lesser concentration. The final output water from the tap of the RO Water Purifier does not contain traces of carbolic acid as the acid gets neutralised by the alkaline cartridge before flowing out of the Water Purifier. It is worthwhile to also mention here that our stomach has far more stronger acid in the form of Hydrochloric Acid compared to the Carbonic acid that gets generated during the RO Purification Process.

All RO water purifiers also have pre-filters which help in removing dissolved chemicals and chlorine from water before the water flows through the RO membrane. The RO membrane filter out organic molecules of pesticides, herbicides and VOC’s.

For most of us having safe water means consuming water that is free from germs and viruses to prevent us from diseases like Cholera, Typhoid, Dysentery, etc. Though these are serious ailments but modern day medicines can easily cure these ailments. Also just by boiling the water one can make sure that water is free from such germs.

But much more dangerous than microbiological impurities are the impurities present in the form of dissolved chemicals, especially the salts of Heavy Metals like Arsenic, Chromium-6, Lead, Mercury, etc. which can cause lifelong damage and early death. We may not even know that we are being slowly poisoned due to heavy metal contamination, because there appears no difference in taste or smell of water. These can only be detected by chemical analysis of water.

The Heavy Metal in water tend to ‘bio-accumulate’ in our body, which means that once heavy metal is absorbed, our body cannot get rid of it. So even though there are no immediate problems the heavy metals in our body keeps on accumulating as more and more water gets consumed by us. Finally Heavy Metal poisoning symptoms start showing up. By then it usually becomes too late. Heavy metals in water causes life threatening diseases like cancer can cause nerve damage, stunted growth in children and also early death. Children suffer most from heavy metal pollution of water. Boiling the water does not remove dissolved heavy metals from water.

So how can we be absolutely safe from being poisoned by heavy metal in drinking water. The answer is to use a Reverse Osmosis or RO water filter purifier.

Only an RO Water Purifier can remove heavy metal and other dissolved salts present in water while also removing bacteria and viruses present in water to provide almost distilled quality water.