A major hassle of water purification systems in most households is the requirement for cleaning and maintenance in very short intervals of time which naturally proves to be a tedious task for most of us. These systems are sensitive to the build-up of biofilm – a layer of microbial growth on the surfaces and depth of the device due to abundant presence of organics and nutrients that provide the perfect environment for germ growth. Water in purification systems generally remains stagnant for a large period of time and hence becomes the storehouse of these bio contaminants which when present in large quantities pass through the purifier untreated and undetected. In both short and long terms, consumption of water with these germs and bacteria can prove to be harmful for your health.

Currently the purifiers available in the market do not have any superior means to prevent such microbial growth. Another added concern is the recontamination of water post disinfection or post purification due to the outside environment. These purifiers do not provide residual protection. In existing purifiers, purifier elements are replaced from time to time to control biofilm build up or sanitization is carried with oxidizing chemicals, which is cumbersome and time consuming.

The unique patented ESS (Electrolytic Sanitizing System) technology is used to sanitize water purifier and water purifier components, gives double protection and prevents re-contamination of water for a week.
It releases small amount of silver ions which sanitize entire system at regular intervals protects the purified water from recontamination, prevents slime formation in storage water tank, hence ensuring 24x7 protection. 

The purified water can be safely carried in water bottle without fear of recontamination. In a conventional UV water filter, even the purest UV purified water that is stored in bottles can get re contaminated due to build-up of slime or bacterial growth. UV system backed up with ESS is the Remedy against this kind of recontamination of water. In conventional UV purifiers, voltage fluctuation, scaling of quartz due to hardness causing elements, improper filtration and increased flow, photo reactivation of certain microbes can result in poor disinfection.

ZeroB’s patented ESS technology ensures complete disinfection despite these drawbacks. It is used in a line of their products such as UV purifiers, water coolers, etc.  as they strive to give you all round protection through the optimum use of technology.