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How does water purifiers save water?
Does water purifiers save the environment?
How much percentage of water does Zero B recover?
How much water wastage is done regular RO purifiers?
How does Zero B purifiers help save water?

In conventional RO water purifiers about 15 – 20 liters of water is required to get 5 liters of pure water.
This means any convention RO Water Purifier recovers about 25 – 30 % of the incoming water to its pure form and the remaining impure water is rejected by the purifier.
Which means ordinary RO Purifiers waste 75% of water.

Zero B ECO RO is the only product available in the market which uses just 7 – 8 liters of input water to produce 5 liters of pure water. This means Zero B ECO RO recovers about 70-75% of the incoming water.
Hence only very small fraction of water around 20% is rejected as waste by the Zero B ECO RO.
This quality of Zero B ECO RO Water Purifier is unmatched and is extremely useful in these days when water scarcity is at its peak.