Water Purification Systems

How to select the right water purifier?
How to decide the right water purifier in your home?
What is advisable to select the right purifier in your home?
Are carbon filters effective against bacteria?
Can filters remove food taste?

Purification of water is a much discussed topic these days due to the very high levels of pollutants present in our environment.

Though there is a wide variety of water purifiers available, choosing the right purification technology is key to having pure and safe drinking water.

A normal water filter is designed to filter out the contaminants. Contaminants such as dirt, rust and dust are simple to remove from water by using sediment type water filter. These can be used on a single faucet at your home.Then there are Carbon filters.
The Carbon filters score over the sediment filters because these filters can remove foul taste and odour from water along with other dissolved chemicals that may have contaminated the supply water.

The sediment and carbon filters however are ineffective against bacterial and viral contamination by pathogens like E. coli, Coliform, Cryptosporidium and others. The best way to disinfect water or remove these pathogens is by killing them so that they do not threaten your health. The process of eliminating the pathogens or the disinfection process in water purifiers can be either chemical based as in chlorine disinfection or it can be non-chemical based like UV or ultraviolet radiation. In chlorine based disinfecting process, chemical chlorine gets added to the water supply to kill pathogens while in a UV based disinfecting system the UV rays helps in killing all pathogens instantaneously.

The advantages of a chemical free disinfecting process over a chemical based one is that with a UV system there is no need to use dangerous chemicals and.secondly, the chemical based disinfection process produces harmful byproducts known as VOC during the purification process while the UV purification process produces no such harmful by-products,

Nowadays, in most of the urban localities it is get to seen that even if the source water gets well treated to remove contaminants, the water gets cotaminated again with a variety of contaminants like chemicals, heavy metals, pathogens while getting distributed to homes. To tackle the problem of the presence of pathogens, heavy metals and chemical contaminants present in supply water, Reverse Osmosis purifiers are used to efffectvely filter out or remove all these type of contaminants. The membranes of RO Purifiers have pore sizes of around 0.001 thousands of micron and hence can effectively help remove these impurities.

In order to get high quality water one needs to be sure about the quality of supply water and basis that select the proper technology to eliminate the specific problem. A proper water purifier will help safeguard you and your family’s health against health problems caused by contamintion of water