Chlorination of Water Remove Pathogens

Does chlorination of water remove pathogens?
Is chlorination a good removal method for pathogens?
Does chlorination kill bacteria inside water?
What is essential to check before chlorination?
Is it advisable to chlorinate turbid water?

Chlorine, if used in sufficient concentration and with adequate contact time, is an excellent disinfectant that kills most disease-causing bacteria, viruses and cysts of protozoa. It also kills non-pathogenic iron, manganese and sulfur bacteria.

Before chlorination, it is very essential to check the turbidity and pH levels of water. It is always advisable not to chlorinate turbid water because the suspended particles can protect the micro- organisms.

According to WHO, if the turbidity of the well water is greater than 5NTU after the cleaning and rehabilitation stage, all water should be removed from the well once again, followed by scrubbing the well lining with a strong concentration of bleach in water. After that allow the well to refill with water and test turbidity levels again to ensure compliance.