Whole House Water Filtration System

Do you need a water softener?
Does hard water damage your health?
Is water softener at your home advisable?
Can hard water cause damage to gadgets?
Can the fittings in kitchens show stains due to hard water?

Water Softeners help in making Hard Water soft. Water in some regions are predominantly hard, chiefly due to the presence of Hard Water Ions of certain minerals.

You can easily make out whether the water supplied to your home is Hard or not from the effect it has on the various fittings you have at home, the garments you wear and even your skin and hair.

If the water supplied to your home is Hard you may find stain marks in your ceramicware or any ceramic fittings after a period of continued use. The fittings and appliances in your kitchen like the geysers or bathroom can show scales or stain marks due to these being in constant touch with water

Moreover hard water can impact your skin and hair and make them look dull and straw-like and your skin feeling dry and itchy. White clothes may start appearing grayish and colors may look faded due to the presence of hard water ions.

Though Hard Water is not found to cause very significant damage to ones health but it can cause damages to the gadgets and appliances used in ones homes. Hence for a longer life of your garments, appliances and your plumbing systems, a water softener is a must.

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