Water Softener or Purifier

What is the difference between water softeners and purifiers?
Which is better, water softener or purifier?
Do you need to take water softener or water purifier?
What purpose do water softeners and purifiers serve?
What is the biggest difference between softeners and purifiers?

Water Softeners and Purifiers serve different purposes.

Water Softeners help in making hard water soft. Hardness of water is caused by the presence of salts of calcium and magnesium in water. If you experience less foaming on use of soap with your water then the reason can be because of the water being hard. Hard water also causes the problem of scaling in kitchen utensils and in pipes. So if the water that you are getting in your home is “Hard” then all you need to do is install a water softener which can reduce the hardness of the water.

Water Purifiers however serve a different purpose. Their purpose is to remove the contaminants present in water. These contaminants can be in the form of biological, chemical and physical impurities. The purification process removes the suspended solids, disease causing bacteria and viruses and harmful chemicals that may be present in water and that may adversely affect our health.