Causes of Water Contamination in India

What are the causes of water contamination in India?
How contaminated is the water in India?
How much water is generated everyday?
What is the pesticide consumption in India?
Does agriculture have harmful effluents?

Over 26,000 million litres of wate water gets generated every day by a population of over 20 crores residing in 900 cities and towns across India.

Out of this huge quantity of waste water only about 6,000 mld(million litres per day) is treated and the balance 20,000 mld of waste water gets released without any treatment causing alarming levels of pollution in water.

If we add this up with another 50,000 polluting industries in India contributing around 5,000 mld of untreated waste water, then the problem gets further aggravated.

Domestic sewage is the major source of pollution of surface water, contributing harmful pathogens, the main cause of water borne diseases

Apart from this, the annual pesticides consumption is about 1,00,000 tonnes in India. This indirectly contributes to contamination of ground water.

Over and above, the agricultural run‐off and industrial effluents contribute to excessive nutrients in water bodies thereby contaminating water in these water bodies