What are some methods to remove arsenic from water?
Filter for Bore-Well Water

How to use the right filter for your bore-well water?
How to know if you’re using the right filter?
How do you select the right filter for water?
What is the best way to purify your water?
What are some methods to remove arsenic from water?

If you are having bore-well water it is extremely important to do a water test to find the type of contaminants present in the water.

The water purifier or filter needs to be selected Based on the results of the water test, the water purifier or filter needs to be selected to clean the well water make it fit for drinking.

If the test results proves that the well water is safe and does not have any contaminants above the maximum contaminant level as recommended by the Indian Water Standards, then all you need to do is to install a simple Activated Carbon filter to remove any odours and to improve the taste of water.

If the test results point towatrds the presence of Arsenic, then the best way to purify your well-water will be to use a Reverse Osmosis or RO purifier unit. There are other methods to remove Arsenic from well water but RO is the most practical and reliable way to get rid of Arsenic from water.

Arsenic is a major problem of borewell water in many parts of the world. Since Arsenic salts in well water has no smell or taste, you will not know about the presence of Arsenic in water unless the water is tested.
So testing for Arsenic is imperative when using well water for drinking.

Drinking water with Arsenic can cause severe damage to health. Arsenic poisoning is cumulative, that means any Arsenic that gets into your body does not get removed, but stays and accumulates there. As you continue to drink the Arsenic contaminated water, you get slowly poisoned and over a period of time it will lead to severe health problems.

So, if you are using Borewell water, get your water tested today! Call