Water Precautions During Travelling

What are the precautions to take using water when travelling?
What are some things to consider when carrying water during travelling?
Does it make sense to carry water when you travel?
Is it advisable to drink fruit juice?
Is it recommended to drink water from wet cans?

1 Use sealed bottled water, filtered, or boiled water for drinking

2 Drink beverages made only with boiled water whenever possible (such as hot tea and coffee). Water boiled for any length of time at sea level (even 1 minute) is safe to drink.

3 Drink canned, boxed, or commercially bottled carbonated water and drinks. Beware of unsealed containers that may have been refilled.

4 Carry safe water if going out for the day in an area where availability of safe water is not assured.

5 Don’t drink fruit juice unless it comes directly from a sealed container; otherwise it may have been diluted with “unsafe” tap water.

6 Don’t assume that water is safe because it is chlorinated. Chlorination does not destroy all the organisms that can cause illness.

7 Don’t drink from wet cans or bottles—the water on them may be contaminated.