Does an RO Purifier needs maintenance?

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Do RO purifier need maintenance?
How often does RO purifier need maintenance?
How periodic does a RO purifier need to be maintained?
What steps to take to make the purification of water optimal?
What to do after the post filter stage?

For a Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier to function optimally, it needs to be periodically maintained.
The frequency of maintenance depends on the extent of use of the system. Though whether or not a purifier is used heavily or sparsely, one needs to get it serviced at least once in a year’s period to ensure the filtration is happening right and that the scaling of the membrane is not much.

There are a few important steps we need to take unless and until you are using an advanced RO Water Purifier like the ECO RO Water Purifier

To make the purification system perform to the peak of its ability, the following needs to be routinely followed:

Regular Filter Changes

This will depend upon the upon how many stages of purification is being used in your RO Purifier.

Sediment Filter
The sediment filter which helps in straining ot the dirt and the silt needs to be changed at least once a year to prevent clogging of the membrane.

Carbon Filter
The carbon filter that removes chlorine and other harmful chemical contaminants affect the water’s taste and odor and should be changed once a year.

RO Membrane
RO membranes do not need replacement very often. Under normal circumstanes then can be safely changed once in 3 years but in case the overall maintenane of the system is not done and the RO Membrance gets affected due to this then this may need a change as well.

Post Filter
The Post filter in the final stage of Purification in an RO Purifier and it helps in removing any residual odor and foul taste in water to ensure you get completely pure and fresh drinking water.

If the RO Purifiers are not maintained from time to time as explained above the RO Membrance which is the heart of the Purifier may get affected leading to inferior quality of output water and also a reduced life span of the Purifier

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