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ZeroB Water Purifiers – RO and UV

  1. Zero B Kitchen Mate elegant water filter by Ion Exchange (India) Ltd

    Post by : zerob

    Kitchenmate Water Purifier

    What is Zero B Kitchen mate?
    How is Zero B different than others?
    What are the main benefits of Kitchenmate?
    What is the most important ingredient in cooking any dish?
    Where to do the installation of water filter?

    In a modern home the kitchen is no longer out of bounds for guests. Hence apart being functional with all the modern and effort saving appliances, esthetics is playing an important role in designing and building the kitchen. This has led to a revolution not only in the efficiency of kitchen appliances but also in the overall look and design elements. Even as recent as 15 years ago the fridge used to come only in boring white. A sizable budget for a modular kitchen is now part of doing the interiors of a house.

    Modular Kitchen

    The Kitchen layout is an important ‘ingredient’ of your home décor. Creating stylish, streamlined storage is highly sought after, and it’s important to create a home for every imaginable kitchen item like large spaces for pulses and cereals, shelves for snacks, hangers for pots and pans etc. Clever internal organizers within cupboards add that extra special touch and makes your kitchen run smoothly too. Specially crafted spaces are carved for the ever increasing appliances. The recent past has given emphasis on lighting and color too. A little zest of colour will really bring your space to life.

    Kitchen Layout

    The most important ingredient in cooking any dish is water. Safe water has always been at premium. Water purifiers are a must in list of gadgets in the kitchen. However lack of design values in most water purifiers’ has made it a daunting task for interior designers to place them. They either have to create a place under the sink to hide them or camouflage them with some kind of covering. Not only is this inconvenient and expensive but also creates installation and servicing challenges.

    Most kitchens do not make space for water purifiers. They have to be close to the sink. However, do consider an under-counter water purifier. It fits in seamlessly with the rest of your cabinets, frees up valuable kitchen space and makes sense ergonomically. Installation of an under sink water purifier require minimal plumbing techniques and are easy to maintain.

    Sink Water Purifier

    Ion Exchange has recently introduced the Zero B Kitchen Mate with superior design values to blend seamlessly with the design of a modern kitchen. This modern water purifier with 7 stage RO water purification process that converts salty water to pure and safe drinking water. It has a acrylic body which is specifically meant for designer kitchens where it can be placed under or above the sink.

    What are the main benefits of Kitchenmate?

    The Zero B Kitchen Mate filtration system turns tap water into clean, healthy, refreshing pure water. The elegant acrylic body is perfect for use in homes, with a high-capacity cartridge that disinfects the water and makes it crisp to taste. Other noteworthy features of Zero B Kitchen Mate are its Auto flush timer that periodically flushes the membrane to remove the salts deposited on the membrane. It also contains Hydropneumatic tank -storage tank of 8 liters capacity that provides pressurized water at a very high flow rate from the faucet. Zero B Kitchenmate RO process nullifies the requirement for UV, UF of any other treatment for drinking process.

    Zero B Kitchen Mate Filtration System

    Apart from India’s first technology in water purifier ESS that will protect tank water 24 x 7 by preventing bacteria formation, Zero B Kitchen mate is loaded with more features for customer benefits such as Intelligent Auto Fill which will ensure that the RO purifier never runs out of pure & safe drinking water. Kitchen Mate has been equipped with Double Safety which provides additional safety by offering 100% germicidal protection. TLC value, ensures pump cut off whenever the tanks fill up, Pressure booster pump provides constant water pressure to the system. Dry Run Protection avoids unnecessary wastage of power and shuts off when there is no water. Kitchen Mate comes with Hydropneumatic Tank, with storage capacity of 8 ltrs, provides pressurized water at a very high flow rate from the faucet. Most importantly, Zero B Kitchenmate RO process nullifies the requirement for UV, UF of any other treatment for drinking process.

    Pure & Safe Drinking Water

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  2. Leaving on a vacation?.. Here a few precautions to be taken if you have a RO Purifier at home

    Post by : Zerob

    What precautions to take for a RO purifier while on vacation?
    What precautions to take for a RO purifier while away from home?
    What to do after you come back from a vacation?
    What to do if the pre filter are dirty?
    What steps to take if the filter is reusable?

    If your RO Purifier is not exposed to water at freezing point, you can just turn off the water supply to the purifier and drain all water from the tank before you leave.

    When you come back from vacation, simply turn on the water supply and drain off the first tank-full of water. Once this is done, water will be fresh and ready for consumption from the 2nd fill onwards

    However in case you experience freezing temperature at your home during these times then you should turn off the water supply to the system, empty the storage tank, and remove the pre-filters as well.

    In such a case you need to drain all water from all the pre-filter housings. If the pre-filters are dirty, discard filters and use new filters when the RO purifier is put back into operation.

    If filters are still reusable, put them in zip bags and store them in your refrigerator’s compartment which is normally meant to store vegetables but never inside the freezer

    At last remove the RO membrane from its housing and store membrane filter in the sane compartment of your refrigerator within a zip bag. Care needs to be taken to drain out all water out from the membrane housing and screw all housings back onto the water purifier.

    Once back home, the pre-filters need to be put back to their designated housings and care should be taken to flush out the first tank of water before the water from the RO Purifier becomes ready and safe for consumption

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  3. Do you need water softener at your Home?

    Post by : Zerob

    Whole House Water Filtration System

    Do you need a water softener?
    Does hard water damage your health?
    Is water softener at your home advisable?
    Can hard water cause damage to gadgets?
    Can the fittings in kitchens show stains due to hard water?

    Water Softeners help in making Hard Water soft. Water in some regions are predominantly hard, chiefly due to the presence of Hard Water Ions of certain minerals.

    You can easily make out whether the water supplied to your home is Hard or not from the effect it has on the various fittings you have at home, the garments you wear and even your skin and hair.

    If the water supplied to your home is Hard you may find stain marks in your ceramicware or any ceramic fittings after a period of continued use. The fittings and appliances in your kitchen like the geysers or bathroom can show scales or stain marks due to these being in constant touch with water

    Moreover hard water can impact your skin and hair and make them look dull and straw-like and your skin feeling dry and itchy. White clothes may start appearing grayish and colors may look faded due to the presence of hard water ions.

    Though Hard Water is not found to cause very significant damage to ones health but it can cause damages to the gadgets and appliances used in ones homes. Hence for a longer life of your garments, appliances and your plumbing systems, a water softener is a must.

    Know more about Water Softners

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  4. How to Select Right Water Purifier For Your Home?

    Post by : Zerob

    Water Purification Systems

    How to select the right water purifier?
    How to decide the right water purifier in your home?
    What is advisable to select the right purifier in your home?
    Are carbon filters effective against bacteria?
    Can filters remove food taste?

    Purification of water is a much discussed topic these days due to the very high levels of pollutants present in our environment.

    Though there is a wide variety of water purifiers available, choosing the right purification technology is key to having pure and safe drinking water.

    A normal water filter is designed to filter out the contaminants. Contaminants such as dirt, rust and dust are simple to remove from water by using sediment type water filter. These can be used on a single faucet at your home.Then there are Carbon filters.
    The Carbon filters score over the sediment filters because these filters can remove foul taste and odour from water along with other dissolved chemicals that may have contaminated the supply water.

    The sediment and carbon filters however are ineffective against bacterial and viral contamination by pathogens like E. coli, Coliform, Cryptosporidium and others. The best way to disinfect water or remove these pathogens is by killing them so that they do not threaten your health. The process of eliminating the pathogens or the disinfection process in water purifiers can be either chemical based as in chlorine disinfection or it can be non-chemical based like UV or ultraviolet radiation. In chlorine based disinfecting process, chemical chlorine gets added to the water supply to kill pathogens while in a UV based disinfecting system the UV rays helps in killing all pathogens instantaneously.

    The advantages of a chemical free disinfecting process over a chemical based one is that with a UV system there is no need to use dangerous chemicals and.secondly, the chemical based disinfection process produces harmful byproducts known as VOC during the purification process while the UV purification process produces no such harmful by-products,

    Nowadays, in most of the urban localities it is get to seen that even if the source water gets well treated to remove contaminants, the water gets cotaminated again with a variety of contaminants like chemicals, heavy metals, pathogens while getting distributed to homes. To tackle the problem of the presence of pathogens, heavy metals and chemical contaminants present in supply water, Reverse Osmosis purifiers are used to efffectvely filter out or remove all these type of contaminants. The membranes of RO Purifiers have pore sizes of around 0.001 thousands of micron and hence can effectively help remove these impurities.

    In order to get high quality water one needs to be sure about the quality of supply water and basis that select the proper technology to eliminate the specific problem. A proper water purifier will help safeguard you and your family’s health against health problems caused by contamintion of water

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  5. Best RO Water Purifier in India

    Post by : Zerob

    Tips for Searching Best Water Purifier

    Which is the best RO purifier?
    What are the tips for searching RO purifier?
    Where are RO purifiers best suited?
    What are different parameters to compare purifiers?

    When it comes to buying a Water Purifier, consumers these days are flooded with choices. With little understanding on the advantages and disadvantages of the various types of Water Purifiers, it becomes difficult on the part of the customers to choose from all these different variants.

    However, due to continuous consumer education initiative by various brands of Water Purifiers, there has been some bit of awareness about the usefulness of RO Purifiers vis-a-vis the other types.
    Though RO Purifiers are normally best suited for the kind of water we are supplied with, one should always do a test of the supply water before deciding on the water purifier because unless and until we ascertain the type of contaminants present in water, we would not be able to decide on the type of Water Purifier that is best suited for the quality of supply water.

    One important aspect of the RO Purifiers is that these Purifiers need electricity for functioning. Also, the RO Purifiers available in the market comes in various sizes, capacities and specifications, so the choice of the Purifier should also be governed by the daily consumption requirement of water.

    With so many different factors governing ones choice of the perfect RO Purifier, it becomes all the more difficult to choose from the various different options available.

    To make matters simpler, what one needs to do is to create a comparison chart on the different options of RO purifiers available based on the following parameters:

    1. Product specification
    2. Features of the Product
    3. Certification of the Products by recognized Domestic and International bodies
    4. Credibility of the Manufacturer
    5. Features to Benefits for given price
    6. Product reviews
    7. Price

    We hope this will help you choose the best ro water purifier for your house.

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  6. There are various types of water purifiers available in the market today..ranging from simple water filters to advanced purifiers.

    Post by : Zerob

    What are the different types of purifiers?
    What are the advanced types of purifiers today?
    What to do if water has high TDS?
    How can water pressure be boosted?
    Can RO purifiers be used at erratic electric supplies?

    To help you overcome the confusion we have come up with 4 important factors that you must consider before purchasing a water purifier:

    1. Water Quality

    If the water supplied to your home is high in TDS, hardness and salinity then RO is the best choice for your home. RO has a semi-permeable membrane which has pore size of .ooo5 microns. Such tiny pores can remove the tiniest of dissolved salt, minerals, chemical and metal impurities.

    2. Contamination

    Bacteria, nitrate, dissolved pesticides and lead are the leading contaminants present in water, these days. The thyoe of contaminants present in water can be tested from a lab. This can help you decide the type of purifier that would be right for you. better idea If water supplied to your home is high in chemical, mineral and metallic impurities then RO Water Purifier is the right one for you

    3.Water pressure

    Both UV and RO filters need water supply above a certain pressure. If the incoming water does not have sufficient pressure, an RO filter will not work properly. So if the pressure of water supplied to your home is not proper it is advisable to go for an activated carbon purifier. But if the water is high in TDS and contamination, then go for RO purifier. By incorporating a pump to the RO filtration unit the Water pressurer can be boosted.


    RO and UV filtration are advance water purification technologies, they need electricity to operate. This means that they cannot be used in areas where the power suply is erratic. Power-supply to your home is inconsistent. So if you live in areas where electricity supply is erratic then one should go for activated

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  7. Comparison of RO and UF water purifier

    Post by : Zerob

    RO and UF Purification

    What is the difference between RO and UF purifier?
    What are RO purifiers based on?
    Which is more better, RO or UF purifier?
    What is the comparison between RO and UF purifier?
    Can UF purifier remove dissolved salts?

    The Purification by RO and UF are based on membranes. But the difference between the two is in the size of the pores in of their membranes. In an RO membrane the filtering pores are so small that it can even filter out salt molecules from the water. In the UF membrane the pores are larger and so it cannot filter out salt molecules.
    Though the UF membrane is capable to filter out viruses from water, it cannot filter out the salts and metals from the water.

    The advantage of the UF water purifier is that it works without electricity whereas RO Purifier requires electricity and hence is expensive compared to UF purifier. Other than the extremely small particles of salts the UF filter can filter out all other physical imppurities and is sure to filter out any disease causing germs, including the smallest of viruses. The UF membrane is also so small that it can filter out all dust and other particles and make the water safe to drink.

    The only problem with UF water purifier is that in case any harmful dissolved salts are present in the water the UF membrane cannot filter it out. Only an RO water purifier can filter out harmful dissolved salts from the water. That is why the RO water purifier is considered superior to an UF water purifier.

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  8. Comparison of RO and UV water purifiers

    Post by : Zerob

    What is the difference between RO and UV purifier?
    Which is more better, RO or UV purifier?
    Which one kills the germs more clearly, RO or UV purifier?
    What is the comparison between RO and UV purifier?
    Can algae get deposited on the UV bulb?

    In RO water purifier the RO membrane physically removes all germs and viruses in the water by filtering out the micro-organisms. Apart from Removing Germs and Viruses, it can also remove dissolved salts and metals present in water by filtering it as the filtering holes in the RO membrane is extremelyy small.

    In a UV water purifier the germs and other living organisms are paralysed by the UV radiation. The UV purification process only paralyses the germs but does not remove the paralyzed germs from water.

    For the UV purifier to work properly, the UV light has to travel through the water for killing the micro-organisms. So if the water is not clear the UV rays may get blocked thus hampering the purification process. Also for the proper functioning of the UV Purifier the UV bulb should be clean and there should not be dirt attached to it or algae deposited on it. In case the UV light is off for sometime, algae can get deposited on the surface of the UV bulb and thus affecting the functioning of the Purfier.

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  9. Why RO Purification is better than Boiling?

    Post by : Zerob

    Multi Stages RO Filtration

    Why is RO purification better than boiling?
    How many stages does the RO purification have?
    Is RO Purification better than boiling?
    Which is a better method other than boiling?
    Does RO filtration have anti bacterial filters?

    Boiling water for drinking is one of the most traditional methods of purifying water. When water is boiled it kills almost all bacteria present in it. However this does not make the water fully pure because by boiling water we cannot eliminate chemical or metallic pollutants like chlorine present in it. Boiling of water also cannot eliminate the bad smell present in water. Over and above this, the water cannot be consumed without cooling.

    On the other hand in Reverse Osmosis purification process, water is allowed to pass through a semi-permeable membrane with pore structure of less than .00001 micron. This membrane blocks all impurities in water whose molecules are larger than the molecule of water and thereby effectively removes upto 99% of all contaminants present in water, including total dissolved solids, chemicals and micro biological impurities like bacteria and viruses.

    Additionally anti-microbial filters used in RO purification also helps to remove unwanted odor, colour and taste from water – all of which cannot be removed through the process of boiling.

    RO Purification is thus regarded as the most advanced and complete water purification process.

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  10. Effects of Arsenic in Drinking Water

    Post by : Zerob

    What are the effects of arsenic in water?
    Where is arsenic water most found?
    How harmful is arsenic in drinking water?
    Is testing of arsenic water compulsory?
    Can arsenic water lead to death?

    Water in several regions in India are found to contain some arsenic while excessive concentrations of arsenic are known to naturally occur in some regions like the West Bengal. The health effects are generally delayed and the most effective preventive measure is supply of drinking water low in arsenic concentration.

    Drinking arsenic-rich water over a long period results in various health effects including skin problems such as colour changes on the skin, and hard patches on the palms and soles of the feet, skin cancer, cancers of the bladder, kidney and lung, and diseases of the blood vessels of the legs and feet, and possibly also diabetes, high blood pressure and reproductive disorders.

    A large population in West Bengal, India is exposed to naturally occurring inorganic arsenic through their drinking water.
    because a very high percentage of shallow tube-wells have been tested to have high levels of arsenic (above 0.05mg/l).

    A large percentage of the population of West Bengal are at a risk of drinking contaminated water. Approximately 1 in 100 people who drink water containing 0.05 mg arsenic per litre or more for a long period may eventually die from arsenic related cancers.

    For provision of safe drinking-water the following are the two important steps that need to be taken:

    – Testing of water for levels of Arsenic contamination
    – Deeper wells are often less likely to be contaminated.
    – Use of arsenic removal water purifiers in households.

    Advanced Reverse Osmosis purifiers can remove Arsenic from water and help prevent such ailments.

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