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Water is essential for life.

We need water for so many things - food preparation, cooking, sanitation, hygiene, etc. But if the water that you receive at your home is hard water, then your life may not seem normal.

Listed below are signs that you get hard water at your home:

Itchy and dry skin

Hard water deprives the skin of its natural oils. Soap when comes in contact with hard water forms soap scum (or soap residue) instead of producing lather.

This scum is left on your skin, which leads to clogged pores and sensitive flaky skin.

Unmanageable hair

Minerals in the hard water form a scaly film on the hair and prevent moisture from entering the hair. This results in dry and dull hair.
Poor bathing experiences

With soap and shampoo, hard water doesn’t produce a good lather. Also, minerals present in hard water get deposited and clog up your shower head which results in weaker water pressure.
Faded Clothes

Hard water strips the color away from your clothes. Even your clothes may feel scratchy due to the mineral deposits.

Staining of kitchen utensils and bathroom fittings

Hard water results in the discoloration of your kitchen utensils, sink, bathtub, etc. due to the deposition of minerals over a period of time.
Damage to the appliances
In appliances like water heaters, washing machines and dishwasher, the scaly deposits reduce the efficiency of the appliances, thereby shortening their lifespans.
Frequent plumbing repairs

Hard water forms scaly deposits that clog pipelines. The resulting build-up of scale restricts the flow of water in pipes. Hard water also causes corrosion,
hence asking for maintenance quite often. An autosoftener is the perfect solution to all your hard water problems.
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