How healthy is Bottled water?

Post by : Zerob

Pure Water in Bottle

Is bottled water healthy?
How healthy is the water inside a bottle?
Is the taste of water affected by bottled water?
Are bottled waters overpriced?
Are bottled water pure than tap water?

Though bottled water producers will make you believe that the water they provide in bottles are of the purest form with claims and pictures of water being sourced from springs and pristine sources but in reality it is no purer than ordinary tap water.
The purity talk of Bottled water is more hype than reality.
The taste and quality of bottled water can range from very good to very bad depending on the brand, and that is a serious problem leave aside the perils of plastic leach that releases harmful chemicals and hormone disruptors into water.

Over and above that bottled waters are overpriced, most times unsanitary and are a major cause of environmental pollution.

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