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Monthly Archives: March 2016

  1. Does RO Water Purifier need maintenance?

    Post by : Zerob

    Maintaining RO Purifiers

    Does RO water purifier need maintenance?
    Does RO water purifier need any service?
    What are the factors to consider when maintaining a water purifier?
    Is it necessary to have your maintenance planned?
    What can presence of salts in water do?

    Maintenance of RO purifiers depend on the quality of your incoming water. Turbidity, organic load & chlorine contents in the incoming water decide the life and efficiency of the cartridges of the RO Purifier

    Presence of salts of calcium, magnesium and others in the supply water can scale the RO membranes. This needs cleaning or replacement based on the extent of scaling. Hence it is important to have planned maintenance schedules for replacements and cleaning.

    The internal components of conventional RO water purifiers like the water tank, tubing etc may breed bacteria and also result in slime build up. These can unload harmful bacteria into the already purified water, resulting in health hazards.
    Hence regular sanitizing needs to be done to maintain water quality.

    But the Advanced RO purifiers come with inbuilt auto sanitizing system which takes care of this contamination by automatically sanitizing the system on regular intervals and maintain the purity standards of the water.

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  2. 6 Reasons Why you should opt for an RO Water Purifier

    Post by : Zerob

    Opt for an RO Water Purifier

    Why to opt for a RO Water Purifier?
    Should you opt for a RO Water Purifier?
    What are the reasons to opting for a RO water purifier?
    What can chlorine in water do?
    How to ensure timely distribution of bottled water?

    There are several reasons why you should opt for an RO Water Purifier at your home or office. Listed below are the top six ones:

    1. Municipal water treatment plants are far away from our homes and work places. In the process of distribution of water, the water treated at the municipal water plants gets contaminated and hence a point of use water purifier becomes necessary.

    2. Chlorine introduced by water treatment plants can form harmful by-products such as TTHMs (total tri-halo-methanes) and HAAs (halo-acetic acids) in drinking water. These chemicals are dangerous and are known carcinogens or cancer causing and can be removed by RO Purifiers

    3. The hygiene of underground and overhead tanks of apartments and residential complexes is always not satisfactory, hence a point of use RO water purifier needs to be installed to remove the impurities that gets into the water during storage

    4. Ground water is normally high in salts and harmful chemicals. These salts and chemical contaminants can be well removed by advanced RO Purifiers

    5. Conventional water purifiers cannot completely removal of harmful chemical or pharmaceutical contaminants, excessive salts and all kinds of germs from drinking water

    6. Timely supply of bottled water at homes and offices is based on reach of the distributor. Also bottled waters get contaminated with toxins while being stored in plastics vessels necessitating an RO purifier to remove the chemical contamination.

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  3. How to choose the right purifier for your home?

    Post by : Zerob

    Water Purifier for Your Home

    How to select the right purifier?
    How to select the right purifier for your house?
    How to make the right choice of the water purifier?
    Is daily requirement an important factor for water purifier?
    What is the capacity of a water purifier?

    Home Water Purifiers have now become a necessity due to the large scale contamination of water sources in various different ways. But with so many different water purifiers avalilable in the market, selecting and purchasing the right water purifier is no mean task.

    To make the right choice of water purifier it is pertinent to know your water source e.g. municipal, tanker or borewell water or from any other source.

    You also need to know extent of dissolved impurities or contamination that may be present in it. Hence it is necessary to get a water test done to decide on the kind of water purifier that would be best suited for your home.

    One more factor that is important and one which mostly gets overlooked is your daily water requirement. So a rough calculation needs to be done on the amount of water being consumed on a daily basis by your household. This will help you decide on the capacity of the water purifier that you should buy.

    The capacity of water purifier is an extremely important factor as a lower capacity water purifier can be detrimental to the life of the water purifier and the quality of water you get out of it as the strain on the purification system of a low capacity water purifier adversely affects the quality of water that you get out of it.

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  4. Top 5 Water Facts

    Post by : Zerob

    Top 5 Water Facts

    What are some facts about drinking water?
    What are the top facts about drinking water?
    How much amount of water is stored in glaciers?
    What is the cubic km amount of fresh water on earth?
    How much of water is stored in lakes and rivers?

    1. If 13000 cubic km of water falls all at once, the Earth would be covered with only about 25 mm of water.

    2. Everyday 1150 cubic km of water evaporates into the atmosphere.

    3. Of the freshwater on earth, much more is stored in the ground than is available in lakes and rivers.

    4. Over 8,000,000 cubic km of fresh water is stored in the earth in comparison to about 150,000 cubic km of water stored in lakes, inland seas and rivers.

    5. Around 18,000,000 cubic km of water is in glaciers and icecaps, mainly in the polar regions and in Greenland.

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  5. Top 5 Facts about Water

    Post by : Zerob

    Water Facts

    What are some scientific facts about water?
    Can you live without water more than a month?
    What is the supply of water on earth?
    How much amount of water is in the form of water vapor?
    What is the body weight which comes from water?

    1. Water covers nearly 75 % of the earth’s surface.
    but only 0.5% of total water on the earth’s surface can be utilized by us.

    2. You can live without food for more than a month, but cannot only live without water for more than a week.

    3. In some organisms, (like jellyfish!) up to 90 % of their body weight comes from water. In human body, nearly 60 % is water – brain is composed of 85 % water, blood is 79 % water and the lungs are nearly 80 % water.

    4. Total water supply of planet earth is 1335 million cubic km. It simply means that if we can construct a cubic box of length, breadth and height of 1 km each, we will require 1335000000 such boxes to store all the water.

    5. About 13000 cubic km of water, mostly in the form of water vapor, is in the atmosphere at any given time.

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  6. Lead Contamination – causes and affects

    Post by : Zerob

    Causes and Efftects of Lead Contamination

    What are the causes of lead contamination?
    What is the composition of lead in water?
    What is the reason behind lead contamination?
    What are the harmful effects of lead contamination?
    Can lead contamination reduce fertility in men?

    Are you aware of the adverse effects of Lead poisoning?
    Here are a few:
    – Anaemia
    – High blood pressure and kidney damage
    – Miscarriages and abortions in Women
    – Nervous disorders & brain damage
    – Reduced fertility for Men
    – Learning Disability in children

    A survey conducted on the Lead Content in drinking water in over 25 cities in India revealed that around 30% of the water samples had high levels of lead content and with 40% of the water samples being unfit for drinking. High lead content was also found in bore well or well water, of which over 35% were found unfit for drinking.

    Here are some reasons behind this alarming rise in contamination of supply water

    1. PVC pipes used in sanitation, plumbing & agriculture
    2. Manufacturing of PVC pipes, fittings and attachments
    3. Recycled plastic PVC
    4. Usage of non-certified PVC pipes

    Always ensure that the water you drink is free of lead and other harmful contaminants.

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  7. Municipal water is already purified by chlorine. Why then we need Purifier at home?

    Post by : Zerob

    Water Purification Systems

    Is municipal water safe?
    Are there any risks with municipal water?
    How does municipal water get contaminated?
    Is presence of chlorine in water good for health?
    Is municipal water purified by chlorine?

    Municipal water is treated with clarification, filtration and chlorine to kill bacteria. But oftentimes, water gets re-contaminated during distribution through water pipeline network.

    Industrial chemical contaminants in the form of arsenic, fluoride, mercury, pesticides, volatile organic compounds, etc can seep into supply water during its transmission through pipelines.

    Such contaminants cannot be removed by chlorine treatment. Sophisticated treatment technologies like Reverse osmosis needs to be used to remove them.

    Moreover, while chlorine acts as an effective disinfectant against microorganisms, the presence of excess chlorine in water is not good for our health. This excess chlorine is harmful and needs to be removed from the water we drink.

    To eliminate all these contaminants, we need to use Water Purifiers at home.

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  8. Does RO Water Purifier require frequent Maintenance?

    Post by : Zerob

    RO Water System

    Does RO water purifier require servicing regularly?
    Does RO water need maintenance every year?
    Why do the regular RO purifier catch bacteria?
    How is RO Water purifier quality wise?
    Does conventional purifiers become bacteria infected?

    The maintenance needs of RO Purifiers primarily depend on two factors
    – The Quality of Supply water
    – The type of RO Water Purifier

    The extent of contaminants present in the incoming or supply water like the turbidity, organic matter & chlorine contents decide the life and efficiency RO Purifiers’ cartridges.

    Also the presence of calcium, magnesium or other salts can cause scale formation of RO membranes and that would require cleaning or replacement. Thus RO purifiers require planned maintenance schedules for replacements and cleaning depending on the quality of incoming water which may vary from six (06) to twelve (12) months. So, it is advisable to get into an annual maintenance program to ensure the regular maintenance of the water purifier takes place, thus ensuring longer life of the water purifier.

    Also most of the conventional RO water purifiers available in the market can become a store house of bacteria due to slime build up in the internal components like water tank, tubing and carbon cartridge. These can in turn inject harmful bacteria in the purified water. Hence regular sanitizing needs to be done to maintain water purity standards in such Water Purifiers.
    But the advanced RO purifiers have an inbuilt auto sanitizing system which takes care of all the components by sanitizing the system on regular intervals and maintain the purity standards and preventing the already purified water in the storage tank from getting contaminated again by bacteria.

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  9. Why you need to drink Pure Water?

    Post by : Zerob

    Drink Pure Water

    Why do you need to drink pure water daily?
    How is pure water useful?
    Do we drink water which is 100% pure?
    What is the reason behind soda drink not hydrating us?
    Should we wait to drink water until we are thirsty?

    Our body is made up of 60-70% water and should be hydrated regularly to maintain the optimum level of water needed by the body.

    Thirst signals that we are already dehydrated. So we should not wait to drink water till we feel thirsty.

    Most people have a tendency to reach out for a soft drink for quenching their thirst.

    A soda drink does not hydrate the body in the way plain water does. The reason behind this is the sugar and sodium present in carbonated soft drinks.

    When the water we drink is 100% pure and free of contaminants and other additives, consuming the proper daily amount may benefit our health in many ways such as improving our energy, increasing our mental and physical performance, removing toxins and waste from our body, allowing proper digestion to occur, and keeping us alkaline and healthy.

    Studies drinking pure water can improve our looks, body weight and our skin glowing.

    Even mild dehydration can make us more susceptible to viruses. Drinking pure Water is particularly important for people with kidney stones, urinary tract infections and also for people who exercise regularly as drinking water helps in reducing cardiovascular stress.

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  10. How purified water can help your kidneys?

    Post by : Zerob

    Purified Water Can Help Your Kidneys

    How can pure water help kidneys?
    What are some advantages of pure water on kidney?
    How can you prevent kidney stones?
    How can you cleanse your kidney?
    How to ensure your kidneys function correctly?

    The kidneys are our bodies purifiers helping our body flush out toxins and waste from the bloodstream. Because toxins can affect our entire body, we need to help our kidneys work properly and thereby keeping our overall health in check. Without a balanced diet, having sufficient amounts of purified drinking water, toxins can build up and affect the function of the kidneys, liver, and neighboring organs.
    The common ailment that we come across affecting many these days is stones in the kidney. This condition can well be avoided by drinking pure water – water free of harmful salts that can get deposited in the kidney causing stones.

    Kidneys can be cleansed in a simple way. Actually by just drinking plenty of purified water daily we can effectively flush out the toxins from our body.
    Apart from having pure water, some juices like that of carnberry, beet and lemon have been proven to be beneficial for the kidneys by promoting kidney function and decreasing the likelihood of stone formation

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