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Monthly Archives: September 2015

  1. Are you having Bore-well or Ground water? Then watch out!!

    Post by : Zerob

    What are the side effects of using bore well water?
    What are the side effects of using ground water?
    Is municipal water safe?
    Do salt levels in water make it undrinkable?
    What are some effects of corrosion of domestic pipes?

    Unlike municipal water which is regularly tested for purity, private well and bore water suppliers doesn’t abide by any purity standards. Hence we should regularly get our water checked for the presence of microorganisms, pesticides, nitrates and other contaminants.

    Listed below are few types of contaminants that can be present in bore-well or tanker water:

    Local Impurities –
    In some parts of India, in ground water, concentrations of naturally occurring elements such as arsenic, fluoride and uranium, or nitrates from agricultural land uses, may exceed safe levels. Radioactive contamination can cause diseases like cancer.

    Underground Salts –
    High salt levels present in ground water may make it undrinkable and detrimental to people having high blood pressure

    Microbial Contamination –
    Micro-organisms may occur as a result of seepage from septic tanks or animal manure or from storm water contamination.

    Heavy metals from Pipeline & Tanker –
    Heavy metals such as lead and copper may occur as a result of corroding domestic pipes, walls of metal tanks or generated from nearby industry such as mining, metal smelting, timber milling or building construction.
    The Zero B ECO RO can be your best bet for this type of contamination

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  2. Why ECO RO is Superior to other RO Purifiers?

    Post by : Zerob

    What’s the best RO purifier?
    What are the different RO purifiers?
    What is the difference between RO and ECO purifiers?
    How much pure water does ECO RO give compared to conventional ones?
    Is ECO RO good for people with heat conditions?

    8 reasons why

    1. The ECO RO Purifier consumes minimum amount of power.
    2. The ECO RO Purifiers are eco-friendly as they do not produce any chemicals.
    3. ECO RO helps in conserving water. Normally RO Water Purifiers waste 80% of the input water during the purification process. But the ECO RO helps in reducing this Water Wastage. Compared to Conventional RO Purifiers, ECO ROs reduce water by over 70%
    4. The ECO RO Purifier gives Three Times higher pure water recovery compared to conventional RO purifiers. This means that in comparison to conventional RO Purifiers, ECO RO produces 70% more pure water per litre of water
    5. ECO RO also removes Heavy Metals like Lead, Mercury, etc present in water and also Animal Waste and Other Harmful Chemicals
    6. ECO RO is good for people with heart ailment as it removes sodium and other salts present in water and makes it taste better
    7. ECO RO prevents germ build up inside the Purifier by automatically cleaning itself without any human intervention

    ECO RO automatically sanitizes the water storage tank 24 x 7 to prevent germ build-up

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  3. How Drinking More Water improves your Health?

    Post by : Zerob

    How does drinking water help?
    What are the benefits of drinking water on health?
    Does drinking water help you lose weight?
    Does drinking water help your skin?
    Does drinking more water help in digestion?
    1. Gives you a young fresh look: Water helps in hydrating the tissues of our skin. So drinking less water makes the skin dry, rough and looks aging.
    2. Helps to Lose Weight: Drinking water moderates your need for food, improves your metabolism and makes you go to toilet more, all of which help maintain a balanced weight.
    3. Boosts your Mood: Drinking less water makes you look tired and make you less alert. Headaches caused by mild dehydration can be cured in no time by consuming water.

    Helps in Digestion: Consuming water while eating can help digest your food better and help in balancing food intake. That is the reason why doctors always recommend drinking before and during mealtimes.

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  4. ECO RO Purifier gives you the purest form of Water?

    Post by : Zerob

    Which purifier gives the purest form of water?
    Which is the best purifier to remove impurities?
    Does ECO RO make the smell of water pleasant?
    What ailments are caused due to micro organisms?
    Which is a good purifier to remove microorganisms?

    Removes excess Chemical impurities

    The drinking water that reaches your home gets treated with chlorine. But more often than not this chlorine treated water contains levels of chlorine that can be harmful for human consumption and can cause health disorders. The ECO RO helps in removing this excess chlorine present in your drinking water thus saving your body from the ill-effects of chlorine. By removing chlorine, the ECO RO also helps in making the water taste and smell better.

    Removes Physical Impurities

    ECO RO removes the tiniest particles of dirt, sand, rust, etc that may be present in your drinking water. The drinking water that reaches the taps of your home passes through water pipes which may be old and rusted, leading to accumulation of fine particles of rust and dust which are not otherwise visible through our naked eyes.

    Removes Disease causing Micro-organisms

    Apart from chemicals and dirt that can contaminate drinking water, there are microorganisms like bacteria and viruses that can also be present in drinking water. These micro-organisms can cause serious ailments like Giardia, Typhoid, Ecoli, etc.. ECO RO can eliminate these health threatening micro-organisms and give you water that is pure and free from bacteria and virus

        Makes Water Smell and Taste better

    The ECO RO purifier removes dissolved minerals and other contaminants present in water making it smell pleasant, look clean and taste better.

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  5. How Much water we should to drink to prevent dehydration?

    Post by : Zerob

    How much water to drink to prevent dehydration?
    How do you know if your body is dehydrated?
    How much water needed to maintain good balance?
    How do we lose water in our body?
    What is the extend and effect of dehydration with loss of water?

    When our body loses more water than we take in, a water imbalance gets created in our body and we get to experience what is called a state of De-hydration.

    Human body consists of 70% water hence its critical for us to know that we need to maintain a good balance of water in our body. We lose water from our body through sweating, urination, etc but we need to continuously replace this by drinking water.

    But how much loss of water causes this dehydration? And how can we know whether we are dehydrated?

    Here goes an indicative chart for an average adult to understand the effects of dehydration

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