effects of hard water

on human hair

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Due to hard water elements your hair becomes frizzy, dull, dry and lifeless even after washing it with conditioners.

on skin

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Hard water makes it difficult to rinse away soap of your skin leaving it dry and potentially irritated.

on bathroom fittings

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Hard water causes scale deposits on metallic surfaces, sinks, tubs, faucets and damages your appliances.

on fabrics

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Hard water turns your clothes, towels and fabrics rough and dry. It can also negatively affect their appearance.

features & benefits

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Prevents hair and
skin damage

Prevent damage of
bathroom fittings & appliances

Retains fabric’s
colors & feel

Saves soaps and

Saves cooking
gas consumption


We are very happy with our new water softener ‘Auto Soft ‘!!! What a huge difference we noticed, especially taking showers and using the dishwasher – our dishes don’t have spots anymore, and they are crystal clean…YIPEE! Thank you Zero B for the great product – definitely worth the investment!

Jai Panchal

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