What is Using Hard Water Actually Costing You?


ater is a universal solvent; meaning its ability to erode sediment and dissolve solid materials is unmatched. This ability leads to a build-up of minerals like calcium and magnesium in public tap water that has come in contact with limestone and other minerals.

The degree to which your water is “hard” depends on the concentration of minerals in your tap water. In small amounts, magnesium and calcium are beneficial to your diet, but when the mineral concentration is too high, hard water will leave scale deposits behind.

What you may not realize is that the problems with hard water in your home are more than just annoying. They could also be costing you hundreds of rupees every year. Make the initial investment in improving your home’s water and eventually the equipment pays for itself.

  • In the Bathroom: The lack of suds in hard water means you could be using more soap and shampoo than needed. Also, soft water prevents damage to bathroom fittings and appliances.
  • In the Laundry Room: Hard water in the washing machine is a big problem. It wears out fabrics faster and leads to using too much detergent to get clothes clean. But, soft water is 100-times better at removing stains form laundry. 
  • Water-Using Appliances: From the water heater in your basement to the dishwasher in your kitchen, high-efficiency appliances run better and last longer with soft water. You also avoid replacing other appliances earlier than expected.
  • House cleaning: Whether it’s detergent, glass cleaner or any other household cleaning product, you’ll use fewer products with soft water because it is ideal for cleaning. On the other hand, hard water causes house cleaning headaches, leaving lime scale and soap scum behind. That means you’ll be scrubbing more often and using more products.

To battle these issues and protect your home and body, Zero B provides you with a range of Electronic Water Softener systems such as the electronic Auto Soft 1, 2, 3 and 6 that you can pick from to best suit your needs. These prevent damage to your hair, skin, and bathroom fittings and retain the colours and texture of your fabrics. Other than these systems, the revolutionary POU Softenizer takes it to the next level by being an electricity-free portable appliance that makes your life very convenient. Sleek and easy to fit, this appliance is perfect for households as well as offices. You can attach it to Geysers, Washing Machines, Showers, etc. It also increases the performance of detergents and reduces consumption of soap and shampoo, giving you the best value for your price.