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Suraksha Plus Pro



  • Removes Physical Impurities
    High quality filter efficiently removes mud, sand, dust &other suspended imputers. Reduces turbidity by 70%.
  • 4 Stage Purification
    Permanently kills bacteria & viruses Bacteriostatic Activated Carbon, removes excess iodine, chlorine, organics, color and foul taste from water
  • Silver Impregnated
    Silver impregnated activated carbon removes excess Iodine, chlorine, organics, color, odour, and foul taste from water.
Technical Specification
Dimension (W x H) 610 x 320 mm
Weight 1.975 kgs
Storage Capacity 15 Liters
Stages of Purification 4
Turbidity Removal By 70 %
Washable HI-Q filter Polypropylene, Special HI-Q Filter media
Flow Rate 15 LPH #
Cartridge Purification Life 3000 Litres *

# Output water meets IS 10500 drinking water standard for disease causing water borne bacteria & virus removal
* Cartridge purification life subject to turbidity level of water

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